Proposed Projects

Please check here for the latest information on proposed improvements to our water utility!

  • Chewey Road Project
    Jan. 2023

           We have recently received the construction permit for our new line going down to Chewey Road. The Cherokee Nation is funding this project in order to bring water to some of its tribal members in the Chewey area. We will also be providing master meter connections for the Illinois River Ranch and the Illinois River Ranch RV Park, so that they can provide their customers with our water as well.

           We will be taking an 8" line from the end of South Flint Ridge Drive down the hill to Chewey Road near the Illinois River Bridge.  This will also allow us to extend that new line even further in the future, to other communities, in northern Adair County.

           We are very excited to be expanding down into this area and we look forward to being able to bring these families and individuals clean, safe, reliable water in the near future.

    FEB-MARCH 2019

                We are very proud to announce a new project that will be bringing our water to the Cookson Hills School.  This is an alternative water source for them that will allow them to use personnel and resources that are being tied up maintaining an outdate distribution system and recently a well system that has become contaminated with Radon levels that will make future use undesirable.

                We will be tying into our existing system near the Fire Hydrant by the Main Office pool.  The new line will run down the south side of the road leading to the main gate, where a vault will provide a point of delivery for them.  This vault will also be on the south side of the Flint Ridge’s Main Gate on Hwy 10.  Cookson will provide a service line from there by boring under the highway and running up the hill to their water tower, which is actually several yards lower than the water tower in Flint Ridge.  This will allow for a gravity fed system that will not require a pump station like the ones we needed to bring water to Kansas, Leach, & West Siloam Springs.

                We look forward to this new relationship with a very worth while charitable organization.  This will be water sales not relied on in our initial planning when establishing the Water Authority, so it will be a nice addition to our family and help secure the future of South Delaware Regional Water Authority.

                We hope to begin the actual digging phase of the project right around the first part of 2019. At which point we will then move this project to ‘Current Projects’ for updates and more information on the project.