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The Chewey Project

            The Chewey Project, which is essentially a line extension at the southernmost point in Flint Ridge down to Chewey Road and running both directions on that road, is now a reality.  The Cherokee Nation has opened the bids and will soon be awarding a Contractor with the very much anticipated $1.5M project today, Nov. 4th.

           We are hoping to add 30-50 new residential customers, with this extension and supply water to the Illinois River Ranch & the Illinois River Ranch RV Park via Master Meter connections.  We are also currently exploring the possibility of later further extending the line to a neighboring Adair Rural Water District an alternative water source for them, on an as needed basis.

          We are very excited to get this Project launched and look forward to welcoming our neighbors to the south to the SDCRWA Community.  This helps us increase our production in our new Water Plant and will help us spread our fixed costs out to help avoid or delay any new rate increases for an extended period, to both our commercial & residential customers.

We expect to see the Project completed sometime this next year and have everyone hooked up to the system as soon as it is.  We will keep everyone posted as things progress.


Thank You