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Dec. 2019 Progress

Dec. 2019 Progress Report


            The last two months have seen a lot of progress inside the new plant, even if that progress is hard to see from outside the plant. The contractor has completed the Pipe Gallery and has all the equipment installed and tested now with just a couple more days of fine tuning the telemetry for the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. The SCADA ties all the towers and pump stations together with the plant and intake structure. We could have probably started up the new plant this week and been producing water to send to the towers, but with the holiday we didn’t want to push our luck and ruin someone’s Thanksgiving for them.

            If the new plant performs as promised, it will be sending water to our current customers by the end of the first week in December and to our new customer West Siloam a couple of weeks after that. To say the least, we are all very excited about this day finally arriving and look forward to providing the south end of Delaware County and the north end of Adair County with fresh, clean, safe drinking water for many years to come.

            A ribbon cutting ceremony has been scheduled for Dec. 18th at noon. Several State & Federal officials will be attending along with the various government funding agencies as well as officials from the Cherokee Nation whose participation in the project made it possible. We hope you can attend and help us celebrate this great event with us.