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     On May 19, 2017, the Flint Ridge Rural Water District (FRRWD) was dissolved and that former rural water district, along with four other communities, re-organized under the new name South Delaware County Regional Water Authority.

     This has been a long process, going back to 2012 when it became clear that some of the smaller communities in Southern Delaware County water supplies were at risk of not meeting current and future requirements.  Grand Gateway EDA became involved and contracted with Jay Updike of Holloway, Updike & Belleb, Inc. to do a feasibility study to the water providers in the area.  In late 2013 a Trust Authority, governed by the Delaware County Commissioners, was formed to consolidate and share a common water source that will exceed the needs of Southern Delaware County beyond the next 40 yrs., or more.  The Cherokee Nation (who provided the initial money for its development and later some of the construction costs, as well.), who along with the Federal and Oklahoma State Departments of Environmental Quality, USDA Rural Development, and the Oklahoma Water Resource Board have contributed loans and grants to this consolidation project.  The project itself is somewhat unique in many ways due to the financial support and cooperation between these various agencies and the local governments involved in the project.

     As stated earlier this new Regional Water Authority is controlled by a governing Board of Trustees (selected by their communities/townships or rural water districts to represent them) and is itself governed by the Delaware County Commissioners.  These five Authority Members are representatives from the former FRRWD (now represented by the Flint Ridge POA, following its dissolvement), the Delaware County Rural Water District # 11 (who supply water to the communities of Oaks, Twin Oaks, and Leach) along with the towns of Kansas, Colcord, and West Siloam Springs (who each have their own water departments and water sources, and will now receive their water from the Authority).  Together these five Members make up the newly formed South Delaware County Regional Water Authority, or SDCRWA for short.

     At South Delaware County Regional Water Authority, our goal is to provide safe, clean, sparkling water to all of our Member's customers.  We look forward to helping South Delaware County continue to grow by being able to meet any future needs of any new companies or residents moving to our beautiful part of Northeastern Oklahoma.

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