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2018-02 Progress

      We have made significant progress this month in spite of all the cold weather we have had.  The cold has impacted the contractor's ability to pour concrete.  While they have made some progress on the new Water Plant walls, it is not as much as they would have liked.  They are now about 2/3 done and half of what is left has the rebar and/or forms up ready for concrete to be poured.

     The Pump Station near the construction gate is now online and increasing the water pressure in the water lines leaving Flint Ridge.  Kansas, OK has seen significant increases to all of the areas that were experiencing low pressure at times.  The new High School Gym and the NE Vo-Tech have more than enough pressure to satisfy their fire supression systems' requirements. 

     They have formed up the pad for the Hwy 412 Pump Station that will push the water up Flint Hill to West Siloam, and will have that completed as weather permits.  Almost all the pipe has been laid now and the last bore going under 412 has been completed, as well.  The line tie-in near the RV2 park has also been completed.  This is the 12" line that crosses 412 and will run to this new Pump Station.

     They have also begun the work at the Raw Water Intake this month.  They will be making improvements to the vault and wet-well at the edge of river where we pull our raw water from the under ground stream that flows into the Illinios River.  These improvements will more than double our capacity and will allow us to sell water throughout most of Southern Delaware County.  The power station and controls for the intake will now be located further from the river to reduce lightning strikes and flood waters.  That spot has all the underground conduit laid and the pad is now ready to be formed up and poured.

     We will continue to keep you updated on three ongoing construction projects each month. 

     We are also proud to announce and welcome a member of the EPA Dept. from Washington D.C. next week.  They will be here to take a look at our project, since it is a model for consolidation of water resources and communities.  While there has been a number of these types of projects in the past, ours is a bit special because of the many different government agencies that are involved with the funding for it, along with the Cherokee Nation Funds.  Without all the cooperation from the communities and agencies this project would never have been possible.