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Jan '18 Progress Report

     Each month I will be updating you on our progress with the ongoing New Treatment Plant and System Expansion Projects.  Here are a few photos of some of the worksites around the system.  

     A new pump station will also be going online this month.  This is one of three total pump stations that is being added to push water throughout our system.  The building for this first one, located just east of the construction gate, will be delivered on Jan. 4th.  Another one is being worked on near RV1 on Hwy 412.  That one will push the water up Flint Creek hill and should be complete over the next couple of months.

     The new water line that will connect West Siloam Springs to our system is nearly completed.  A couple of more bores must be made before the line is complete.  This new line will double our output, so we will need the New Water Plant up and running before we will be able to start selling water to them.

     We now have two new Water Towers that will help stabilize pressure in the system and help maintain a backup supply of water in the event we need it while future repairs are being made.  The new towers are located west of Kansas.  One is located north of Hwy 412Alt, on Daytown Rd.  The other is near 'smile mile' just this side of Rose, OK.  If you happen to be out that way take a look at these two new additions to our system.  They have recently been painted and have the web address stenciled on the sides of them, (SDCRWA.COM).

     The new Water Treatment Plant is currently under construction and will likely go online about a year from now.  The concrete walls are being poured in sections and the weather is a major factor on the progress there.  A metal building will eventually sit on top of the concrete walls, so there is still plenty to be done before it will begin looking like the finished site.

     Finally, they have also begun work on the new intake, in Sycamore Park, where we take the raw water from under the Illinois River and push it to the new plant for treatment. This phase of the project will be done over the next few months as well.

     Please give our office a call if you have any questions, and if you have time you can take a birds eye view of the new plant from atop of the dam at Clear Lake.

Don Wilcoxen