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     We will be changing out some of our older meters over the next week or so.  We are doing this to remove meters that have had more than a million gallons pass thru them.  We feel that this will reduce our monthly loss rate, and thereby lower the cost per thousand gallons treated.

     If you are one of the customers that will be having these meters installed, there will likely be a change to your existing water usage averages, since some older meters don't read low flow as well as these newer meters will.  This is why we have waited until fall to install these replacements, now that customers are normally watering outside less.

     By the time the New Plant is finished we will have a networked computerized meter system in place that will give customers much more accurate information on their individual usages & significantly reduce the time spent reading the meters each month. 

     Below is a picture of the newer meters we will be installing this month, and we will also be adding more information about all of our current meters and how to read them, on this website under the 'Meter Reading' tab located under the 'Customer Serrvice' menu.  

      Please feel free to contact us here on the website or call our office if you have any questions.


Don Wilcoxen

SDCRWA Bus. Mgr.