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Aug-Sept. 2019 Progress Report

            From the outside, and most of the inside of the New Water Plant, it looks as though it should be making water. Unfortunately, due to some additional modifications to the Intake, that are to help make the new plant expandable in the future, and getting the telemetry and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems installed & HVAC put in as well as some other smaller things to get hooked up and running, it will still be another two months before we start sending water to the towers from the New Plant.

We will be having an open-house ribbon cutting ceremony later this month or in October for some of the state and federal agencies along with the Cherokee Nation who has been a crucial sponsor of this project from the very beginning. We will post the time & date as soon as they get it set.

            All the other side projects that were necessary for the New Water Plant System to function efficiently have now been completed, so once the plant is ready, the entire system will be in operation and delivering the freshest, best tasting, and safest water available. Produced using the latest and greatest technology for transferring surface water to potable water, the new plant will allow for a much longer treatment process, which delivers a much safer & more consistently ‘clear, tasteless & odorless’ finished product. Water that we look forward to being able to provide for our communities.

            You can get an overview look of our new facility by standing on top of the Clear Lake Dam or by visiting our website at sdcrwa.com and looking at the photos there (including some pictures of the inside, as well).