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July 2019 Progress Report

            The last couple of months have not had much in the way of things that could actually be seen, so now that we have, we can report those. Our new Water Plant now has the metal on the Plant itself and the Chemical Building, which has been happening since July 4th. The backwash pumps are also now in place and a shed that will enclose them will be added soon. The fencing contractor has arrived and the fence that will go around the plant is being installed now.

            That same fence contractor will also complete the fencing around our West Pump Station located near the Leach Fire Dept. That pump station and the one located at the bottom of Flint Hill will be placed online soon.

            The Cookson Hills School Project has been completed and they have started taking water. We are very pleased to have them online and look forward to serving them for many years to come.

            Cobb-Vantress, which is being served by RWD #11, who purchases the water from us, has also begun taking water for their operations out near Rose, OK. We are very excited to see all the progress being made in that district and look forward to their expanding in nearly every direction. They are adding new taps every month and have three new projects being discussed to take water to several new areas in their district.

            We are still a couple of months from completion due to all the weather delays, and we will be letting you know when we begin operating our new plant. There is a soft ribbon cutting that may take place next month, since earlier this year we believed we would be running by then. Once that date is set we will let you know.

Thanks for all your support.