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April 2019 Progress Report


April 2019 Progress Report


            What a month we have had. The contractor has finally been able to find and keep a great crew to finish our New Water Plant. For whatever reason, they have had difficulty finding local sub-contactors, etc. to complete the many tasks involved with getting our plant up and running, but all that has changed now. With a full crew the work has really been taken up a notch, and the results are easy to see. The completion date is now looking like the end of July or first of August 2019.

            All the lower compartments and areas of the plant that are below where the metal building will eventually sit are now completed and the last of the piping and equipment is going in this week. Now they can concentrate on the metal building, that will be sitting on top of the structure, and all the control panels and variable switches that make the plant automated and function correctly can be completed. Next week the metal building will begin going up and you will be able to see what the final structure will look like.

            The new intake was tested this past month, as well, to verify that all the switches and backup systems work properly and with only a few exceptions, that were quickly corrected, everything is now running smoothly and ready to go online when the plant is completed. Once the new intake is up and running, the tower that currently holds the control board, and operates the current intake, will be dismantled and removed from the site near the river.

            The Cookson Hills School Project, which was sponsored by The Cherokee Nation, got started last week. The highway bore is already completed and the bore under the creek that runs along the side of the highway should be completed this week, as well. They have also started digging the ditch for the line on the Cookson side of the highway, and it is being dug at both ends and should be completed soon, as well, unless they run into a lot of rock. They will also begin digging the ditch on the Flint Ridge side of the highway, going to spot where they will tie into our existing line, as soon as the two bores are completed and the vault is installed. The stainless steel vault, that contains the flowmeter and pressure controls, and was built offsite, has arrived and is awaiting its installation, and once in the ground will be ready for operation. If everything goes right for the contractor, they believe they will have water flowing near the beginning of May.

            The line from our new water tower near Rose connecting Cobb-Vantress’ Three Springs Farm was completed and tested. They should start taking water from that line very soon now. We look forward to that added usage as well. With that line completed the only thing left to finish on that stage of our construction is the final pump station located in Leach, just east of the fire station. The contractor has been waiting on drier conditions, so the crane that is required to set the building on the slab won’t get stuck in the field surrounding it. That pump station will regulate the water pressure on that end of the system, and maintain it with all the new piping going in around the Leach area for RWD #11.

            Be sure and visit the website for pictures and updates concerning our various projects as we approach the final stages of construction on our New Water Plant.