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Nov. 2018 Progress Report

            Here we are at the end of November already and we want to let you know about all the progress being made on our various projects.  In our November Board Meeting our Tower Project was closed out and declared completed.  These are our two new water towers, one of which is located just north of Kansas, OK, and the other out west near Rose, OK.  Both of these towers have been completed for some time now.  The one north of Kansas has been online and has water going through it already and the one to the west near Rose is now being disinfected and sanitized, so that it can come online with water going through it early in December.  This is the tower that will be suppling water to Cobb-Vantress and nearby homes in that area.  The fences are up around both towers and gravel has been laid around for grading.  These two towers will add 300,000 gallons of storage and will help pressurize the system. 

            We got our second of three Pump Stations set in place this month, as well.  This is the PS that is located just to the east of the Flint Ridge Resort’s RV1 Park on the northside of Hwy 412.  This PS will help push the water up Flint Hill and on to West Siloam Springs and fill their water tower there.  Fencing around that PS still needs to be completed, but we are pleased to see that go in with no issues.  The Line Extension Project that added the water line for West Siloam Springs is very near being declared completed as well, with only a little cleanup still needed.  We look forward to having that part out of the way, as well.  As mentioned earlier, that line has been sanitized and pressurized with water, ready to flow that way.  Once the New Plant is completed, we can start selling water to them.

            The third Pump Station located just east of the Leach Vol. Fire Dept. will soon be set to help send water to the new Water Tower near Rose, OK.  The site is finished and ready for the PS to be set on the slab and plumbed in.  As the Pipe Projects for Delaware Co. RWD # 11 near completion the need for this PS will become necessary, so we look forward to having this piece of the project completed.

            The Raw Water Intake Structure has also been completed now and the lid for it arrived yesterday and was set in place.  Some electrical connections and hook-ups will need to be completed and that should be operating for us about the 1st of Jan. 2019.  We really look forward to getting this online soon, since our current intake has been on its last leg for some time now and the pumps use a lot more electricity than these new ones will.

            Progress on our New Plant continues, it is now just harder to see, because they have it all enclosed behind the concrete walls.  Piping, valves, and equipment is being installed along with more concrete, for the passageways and holding areas where the water passes through or waiting areas where it settles out during the various processes it goes through.  I have posted pictures from the dam on our website and will continue to do so.

            Our new Automatic Read Meter System is now installed.  We have had many issues with the new meter leaking where the new equipment meets the old hardware.  This is fairly new technology and we are a pilot program for them in many ways, so they will be making this right, but there is a process.  If you have a leak in your meter box please contact our office and report it.  Many of you have already done this and we greatly appreciate it.  We are working to get them all fixed ASAP, with the contractor returning again next week to help make them right.  If you have reported a leak in the last month or so, and still have the same leak, or maybe even a new leak, at the end of December please contact us again to be sure you are on our current list of ones that need to be fixed.  We are asking you to do this because we have had several that we are having to re-visit multiple times.  This is something they will also be addressing this week when the contractor returns.  We are hoping that over the next month they will all be taken care of and we can finally begin getting the most from this amazing new system.

            We are also in the process of installing the bigger master meters that are going in at the ends of some of the longer roads in Flint Ridge.  These new meters are designed to help us locate leaks and usages for the long service lines that branch off the main trunk line of the system.  We will now be able to take daily readings of these 19 new master meters and know if there is a spike in usage for that line that would indicate a breach somewhere on that line.  We can then take leak detection equipment out knowing that somewhere on that line there is a significant leak.  This will allow us a much greater opportunity to locate the problem long before it manages to find its way to the surface, which can often take months if ever at all.

            The Cookson Hills School Water Project has been moved back at least a month, as the bid process is repeated due to low interest from contractors (only 2 gave bids) and higher than expected cost projections from those two bidders.  The Board voted in the November Meeting to re-advertise for bids to see if additional interest in the project could be found.  That new bid opening will occur on Dec. 21st at the POA clubhouse, for those wishing to attend.  We hope to be able to announce the project has been awarded to a contractor who plans to start soon.