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            Our Cookson Hills School Water Project is now officially a ‘Current Project’ as the project leaves the ‘Proposed Project’ list.  In our last Board Meeting the final documents were signed by all necessary parties and the project has gone out to Bid.  We will get those bids in and next month on Nov. 15th, the Contract will be awarded to the winning Contractor.  The construction phase, we hope, should take place right around the first of the New Year in late Dec. or early Jan.  We all look forward to having them as part of the Authority, for many years to come.

            We received our July 2017-June 2018 Audit Report this week.  There is a link to it under the ‘Forms & Reports’ tab, just click ‘All Forms & Reports’, and there you find not only this year’s audit, but last year’s as well.  I want to thank our Accounting Manager PA Engle, who did an outstanding job working with the auditor through this process.  We have numerous funding agencies working with us on all the new projects, and they each have their own set of hoops for us to jump through.

            We continue to address some leaking meter issues at about 15% of these new meters and they are being taken care as quickly as possible.  You will soon be receiving the first billing cycle using these new meters.  They will have 5 weeks of usage on them, so there is a good chance they will seem high just because of that.  Any bills that seem higher than 20-25%, of your normal billing can be looked at now with this new technology and any leak loss can be verified and an adjustment made for it.  Many of the ones that were called in by customers and fixed by our guys will already have adjustments made to them, but if you feel as if we may have missed adjusting yours please contact our office 918-597-2350, and we will take another look at it.

            Beginning this week, we also begin installing our larger ‘top of a road’ flow meters that will be measuring the usage of an entire road.  These will be going into the vaults, 13 of which are already in place, along with 6 new ones, that are at the ends of some of longer roads.  Please keep an eye out for these work crews.