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New Website Update

       The Authority have recently had an update to our website.  It has a new feature that places a banner across the front of the homepage for recent news.  We will try and give customers a 3 day warning for work projects that may interrupt service in an area of the system.  Of course, emergencies will be posted the day they occur, along with whatever details are available about the event, including what areas will be affected until repairs can be made. 

     In the next few months you will see crews adding shut off valves and flowmeters at the ends of some of the longer roads being supplied with larger sized pipe.  This will make it so much easier for our personnel to isolate leaks, than in the past when we had to wait for the water to appear on the surface and that could be weeks.  Each morning when they read those meters if any unusual numbers are identified, they can be red-flagged and looked into as quickly as possible.  By lowering the number of days, it takes to identify significant leaks we will lower costs for both chemicals & electricity, which will ultimately allow the Authority to keep our water prices lower as well.  When the Authority begins selling water to the larger communities like West Siloam Springs these loss control measures will become even more important, since we must be able to produce and make available more than a million gallons a day.

     Any feedback you can offer us on the updated look and feel of our website will be greatly appreciated.  The Authority feels the website is an important resource for improving customer service by adding these communications tools.  Our customers can now pay their bills online with their debit and credit cards.  This was something customers have asked for and the Authority is proud to now be able to offer it to them.

Water Off At Both RV Parks

      In order for us to tie into the new water line going to the Pump Station located just east of the RV1 Park, we will need to turn off the water to both RV Parks.  This interruption of water service will begin at around 8:00 a.m. on Thursday Feb. 1st and will last until the tie in is completed.  If everything goes as planned, they should be done within a few hours.  Of course, if there are any unforeseen problems the downtime will be longer.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience during this time.  If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at our office.  That number is 918-597-2350 or you can call Terry at our emergency number – 918-801-3455.

Thank You

Gate Closed

     The Hwy 412 Gate will be closed this morning 1/29/18 at 8:00 a.m., and will remain closed until sometime tomorrow 1/30/18 afternoon.  Once re-opened, it will continue to have limited access until this part of the project is completed.  Please make plans to use one of the other two entrances to Flint Ridge during these two days.

     This has to do with our Expansion Project and bringing the 12" water line from Flint Ridge across Hwy 412 to the new Pump Station that is being built just east of the RV1 Park.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We will post updates for you when, or if it becomes necessary.  


     Please be on the lookout for any standing or running water on any of the roads you may travel in Flint Ridge this weekend.  We are losing a significant amout of water due to the recent deep freeze and would appreciate it very much if you will report any unusal wet spots you might see.

Thank You

Terry Woods


1st Pump Station Arrives

     On Thursday Jan 4th our first Pump Station Building will arrive.  These stations come fully assembled and are set on the concrete pads prepared prior to their arrival. 

     This first station will be entering through the construction gate and may cause some difficulty for drivers entering and exiting Flint Ridge that way, while this is going on.  If possible please try to avoid going that way, as we do not know what may occur, or how long it may take, when they attempt to bring the new building through that gate.

     Once through the gate a crane, which is already on-site will lift the building off the semi-trailer and swing it over and into place.  This may cause some traffic issues at the crossroads intersection, where the road splits going toward Indian Springs or toward the Water Tower, just east of the construction gate.

     We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience with us as we add this very critical piece of the ongoing Expansion Project, to our System.

Service Off West of Water Tower 11/21/17

     Our Contractor for our Expansion Project needs to cut-in a valve in the main line leaving Flint Ridge.  This is part of our Pump Station project that will increase the pressure for the Town of Kansas and for Delaware #11 RWD.  That Pump Station is scheduled to come on line 12/15/17.

      The temporary shut down will begin at 8:00 a.m. 11/21/17.  If you experience a loss off pressure shortly after 8:00 you will likely be without water by 9:00.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but it is needed to improve the system going forward.

Don Wilcoxen

Bus. Mgr


     We need to interrupt service to continue our improvements to the lines in the RV Parks.  Once again we will be removing more of the un-metered yard hydrants that are scattered throughout both parks.  While that is being done we are also installing more air-relief valves to reduce cloudiness following service events within the parks.

     Last month, as we were doing these same types of tasks, we discovered a very old leak that required extra down time for service in the parks.  We assure you these tasks are necessary and will improve the water service going forward.  We appreciate your continued patience as these improvements are made.   

     Once the new service line goes in we will be able to work in the parks independently, so both parks will no longer need to be off for work to be done in either one of them.  

More Concrete

     They will be pouring concrete for the first wall of our new Water Treatment Plant on Thursday Nov. 2nd.  There will not be as many trucks for this pour, but please use caution that morning, if traveling on our roads. 

Thank You

RV Work Continues

     We will be working in the RV Parks again 10/18/17 from 8:30 - 5:30.  We are trying to do as much as possible with this shut-off, so please be as patient with us, these really are improvements to our system.  We will be removing some more of the un-metered hydrants and installing some valves to will reduce air in the lines there.  

     We are hoping only one more of these maintenance projects will be necessary and we are hoping to do that around the middle of next month.  We will try to give more notice next time.  We had originally scheduled this for next week, but things were moved up and we were only able to give 24 hrs. notice this time, and we apologize for that.

More Concrete

     Our second Concrete Pour will take place Thursday 9/21/17 from about 6:00 to early afternoon.  We apologize for any problems this may cause and we appreciate your patience.

RV Hydrants

      We will be back in the RV Parks again on Thursday 9/14/17 to remove more of the un-metered yard hydrants (we have removed about half so far.  We are also installing new flush valves and meters as needed.  In order to do this as effeciently as possible we need to have the water turned off from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

      We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes.  There will likely be two more days of this, but they will be about a month apart in an effort to minimize the impact to our residents and guests.  We will send out similar alerts as those days approach.  

       If you have not already signed up to subscribe to this website, please do so, and we can send text messages, emails, or both when events occur that effect your water service.

Thank you for your patience,

Don Wilcoxen

Bus. Mgr., SDCRWA


Cave Creek Area Water Leak

     We had a water leak occur in the Cave Creek Area last night.  One of the residents in that area alerted Terry Woods via our emergency number, and we are grateful for that. 

     Repairs will be made this morning, but homeowners in that area will be without water while it is being repaired.  Sometimes we are able to make a repair without shutting off the water, unfortuantly this is not one of those times.

     The water should only need to be off for a couple of hours, but could be longer if complications arise. 

     Thank you for your patience.

RV Parks Water Outages

     We will need to have the water turned off again in the two Flint Ridge RV Parks on Thursday Sept. 14th.  The water will be off at 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.  We apologize for the inconvenience this has been causing for our Park residents and visitors.  We are making these necessary improvements to both parks by removing these un-metered water hydrants and installing proper cleanouts.

     By making these changes now we are hoping to avoid having to make unscheduled repairs once the water begins flowing from the new plant next year.  We will probably have two more of these scheduled interruptions, but they will probably be a month apart to minimize the impact it has on everyone.

     We appreciate your patience with us during these times and to let you know we are doing everything we can to reduce the amount of time this project is taking.

Thank You!

Don Wilcoxen

RV I & II Water Outage

     Tomorrow, 8/31/17, we need to turn off the water to both RV Parks, from 9a.m. - 3 p.m., so that work can be completed in the two RV Parks.  We are removing hydrants, during this time, as well.  These are the hydrants where no service is being paid for, and they are not metered.

     We will be keeping you informed if any service event has or may occur, or if any large scale outage takes place in our service area.  To get these alerts sent your email or cell phone via text message, please subscribe to this website.

Concrete Truck Traffic

Our new Water Treatment Plant will require lots of concrete.  Our first pour will be done on 8/24/17, from daylight till that afternoon.  We have traffic monitors at the top of Clear Creek Road at Flint Ridge Drive to be sure no one meets the trucks as they go up and down that steep narrow grade.  They will allow traffic through as needed when the road is clear of trucks.

Thank you for your patience during these times.  We will let you know when the next pour is scheduled.

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