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February 2019 Progress Report

Progress Report Feb. 2019

            Work continues on our new Water Plant, weather permitting. They are about to pour the building slab for our new Chemical Building, located next to the new Clear Well on the end of the Water Plant that is farthest from the earthen dam. They are still a couple of months from putting the metal building on top of the concrete structure that is there already. They have also begun installing some of the piping and valves throughout the plant. When you see those, you begin to get an idea of the amount of water that will be moving through it.

            The Intake at the river is now completed and it is now powered up and ready to be put into service. Due to not having all the automation in place at this time, we will continue using our old one for now. We can use it in emergencies, like the river pump failing due to lightening strikes, which happened twice two years ago. It must be done manually, requiring three people stationed at different positions with radios, because the automation is not in the plant yet.

            Both of our new Water Towers, one north of Kansas, and one just southeast of Rose, are now complete and have water in them. RWD #11 will soon be selling water to Cobb-Vantress out at their Three Springs facility and we are looking forward to seeing that increase in our sales. During the summer months they expect to purchase 5 million gallons a month.

            The Water Line Project that will take water to Cookson Hills School, located across form Flint Ridge’s Main Gate on Hwy 10, has been delayed due to the government shutdown last month. This is due to our needing Rural Development approval for the financing of the project. Unless there is another shutdown, we should have everything in place to start by the end of this month. We look forward to being able to bring our neighbors a clean, safe supply of water for many years to come.

            We are waiting on some dry weather to set the Pump Station, located just east of the Leach Fire Department. The field it is located in is pretty soft and the contractor is trying to avoid tearing up everything between the highway and the slab it will sit on. The crane could become stuck out there as well, so we understand why the contractor is waiting.

            I have posted new pictures of the various projects being worked on, so please take a look at those, or stand up on the Clear Lake Dam and see a lot of the new Water Plant from there. Once the plant is completed and running, we hope to offer a few tours for those who would like to see it up close.