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December 2018 Progress Report

            Our Contractor is making considerable progress on our New Water Plant despite some winter weather.  The interior of the plant is beginning to take shape as they add the equipment and piping to the various chambers that make up the workings of the New Plant.  We have uploaded some new pictures of this on the website, so please take a look at those.

            The contractor has begun work on the New Chemical Building that will house some large tanks of chlorine and polymer, these are used in the various processes that turn raw water from the Illinois River into Clean, Fresh, Safe water for drinking.  They have begun digging the footings, for the concrete slab the building will sit on, this past week.  Once the slab is poured this building should go up pretty quickly and we will keep you up to date on its progress.  

            They have also completed the fencing around the Raw Water Electrical Pad, located next to the restrooms in Sycamore Park, along with the fencing at the RV 1 Pump Station.  That is the pump station that will push water up Flint Hill to West Siloam Springs.  The final Pump Station, located just east of the Leach Fire Depart, should be set in January and fenced sometime after that.

            The Tower located near Rose, OK, which has been completed for several months now, has pipes coming and going to it now.  We will begin filling, and sanitizing it in January to get it ready for RWD # 11 to begin selling water to the Cobb-Vantress Farm south of Rose, OK.  We look forward to adding their water usage, since they may someday be buying as much as a small community by themselves.  This will complete the Tower Project, which is one of the three expansion projects that have been ongoing since May of 2017.

            Another one of those expansion projects, the line extension to West Siloam Springs, is very near completion with clean-up for the project nearly finished.  The line has been pressure tested and is charged now with water, but will not have water moving through it until the New Water Plant is completed in the Summer of 2019.    

            The line extension to Cookson Hills Schools is in the final stages of starting with a contractor being selected this month.  L&F Construction came in with the winning bid and once the project financing part is completed, they will begin running a new 6” line out near the Main Gate of Flint Ridge Resorts.  That meter vault will be our ‘Point-of-Delivery’ for them and a line will be run under Highway 10 and then continue up the hill to tie into their existing water system.  The water sales to Cookson Hills was not included in our initial feasibility study, because at that time they believed their new well would supply them with all the water they would need for some time.  The presence of radon in that supply was high enough that a new source was needed, and we were in a position to provide that for them.  This additional income stream will help to keep our prices low for years to come, making it much easier for us to meet our obligations going forward.  We hope to see that project completed by the late spring of 2019.

            Our new Raw Water Intake should be in service in January, as well.  Even though it will only be delivering raw water to the existing plant, until the New Water Plant is online, this should save us some money on electricity.  The new system is much more efficient, so we look forward to seeing some significant savings there.  

            If you would like to see some of the progress on our New Water Plant, standing on top of the Clear Lake Dam offers a good view of everything.  We will also continue to post photos to our website to keep you up to date on our progress, as well.  Once the metal building, that will sit on top of the concrete structure, that is there now, is completed we can start giving tours of the New Water Plant.  We will be sure and let everyone know when we can do those.

Happy New Year, everyone!